Find Their Assets in Days.

EnforcePay specializes in tracking down and freezing a judgment debtor’s bank and investment accounts in 30 days. Your judgment is a lawful order from a judge for you to be paid.

We turn your judgment into a warrant to arrest assets.

Collect Within Weeks.

We can find your judgment debtor’s assets within days, then an attorney will deliver the location of their assets to the court and obtain legal authority to seize their assets.

We enforce payment by legally seizing their assets.

Pay $0 Until You Collect.

Opt to pay $0 upfront and EnforcePay will advance all expenses for attorney fees, sheriff expenses and court costs to garnish your debtor’s assets.

You pay nothing until you receive your check.

Guaranteed 100% Accuracy.

Once we deliver the exact location of your judgment debtor’s assets to the court, a judge can garnish their bank and investment accounts in as soon as 8-weeks.

Our clients have been paid in as little as 8-weeks.

How It Works
Discover how we lawfully freeze assets in 30 days.


Receive Your Check In Weeks.
We can find hidden assets, then garnish bank and stock brokerage accounts in as soon as 8-weeks.

Why You Haven't Been Paid?

Why you have not collected your money:

You were never given the exact location of your judgment debtor’s non-exempt assets.  Simple!

EnforcePay can find hidden assets and an attorney will deliver hard proof to the court within days, not months.

Getting Paid In Weeks.

EnforcePay freezes 9 out of 10 bank accounts within days of accurately discovering the debtor’s financial institution and serving a writ of garnishment.

When we garnish your debtor’s assets, their assets legally become your assets… and rightfully so.

Single mom hires EnforcePay and seized 401(k) stock investments on a 27-year old child support judgment.

Our asset evidence turns your judgment into a warrant to arrest assets.

JoAnna C., Single Mom

The nightmares have finally ended thanks to EnforcePay. EnforcePay tracked down and seized his stock investment portfolio– Seized in June 2015