About Us

Our Passion

EnforcePay Garnishment Bureau, LLC is a licensed asset garnishment bureau that specializes in uncovering a judgement debtor’s hidden asset within days, then securing a court order to seize those assets to pay off our clients’ judgments.

Our philosophy is quite simple:

  1. Find their hidden assets in days.
  2. Lawfully freeze their assets in days.
  3. Send our clients a check in weeks.

We are forced to be accurate, relentless and unyielding in our pursuit to collect your money.

Why?  Because EnforcePay is prepared to advance all upfront cost.  Therefore, when our attorneys appear in court, we must equip them with the best chance to win: BY HAVING SOLID EVIDENCE OF A DEBTOR’S HIDDEN ASSETS.

  • EnforcePay is licensed.
  • EnforcePay finds and seize hidden assets.
  • EnforcePay clients can pay $0 upfront.
  • Independent Attorneys handle everything.

We Can Freeze Their Stock Investments In Days.

Engage EnforcePay to track down and freeze your debtor’s hidden assets in days.

Collect Within Weeks

Your judgment is a court order commanding your debtor to pay you.  Once we give the Judge actionable proof of their hidden assets, you can be paid within weeks.

Attorneys Handle Everything

EnforcePay makes collecting your money entirely effortless.  Our independent attorneys will collect your funds on your behalf.

Your Time Is Not Required

You will not be required to speak with your judgment debtor, nor will you have to find their hidden assets.  EnforcePay makes it hassle-free.

Pay $0 Upfront

Put away your wallet and opt to pay $0 upfront, then EnforcePay will advance all upfront cost for attorney fees, asset investigations and more.

Let’s Freeze Their Assets?  Give Us a Call.

You secured a judgment against your debtor to collect money owed to you.  EnforcePay can help make that become an actuality, because your judgment is a warrant to arrest their assets— NOW LET’S START FREEZING!

+1 (888)-317-1888