How It Works


How You Collect Within Weeks.

We provide attorneys with the exact location of the debtor’s hidden assets to deliver to the court.


Find Hidden Assets In Days.

Most judgments are never paid for one reason:

No one ever delivered the exact location of a judgment debtor’s hidden assets to the judgment owner and their attorney.

We track down their hidden assets within days, not months.

Freeze Their Account In Days.

Two simple steps to freeze a judgment debtor’s bank and stock brokerage accounts:

1. An attorney delivers proof of their hidden accounts to the court within days.

2. The Clerk of Court will issue a writ which will cause the debtor’s financial institution to freeze their accounts– INSTANTLY!

EnforcePay garnished a stock investment portfolio on a $562,804.02 judgment.



June 2015

Case No. CVCVO7708  •  In the Iowa District Court in and for Linn County

Timeline to Receive Your Check.

How Bank Garnishments Works.

Day 1

Pay $0 upfront

Opt to pay $0 upfront when you authorize EnforcePay and our independent attorneys to seize your debtor’s hidden assets.

You pay $0 upfront.


We find their assets

If they own it, EnforcePay can find it within days: hidden bank accounts, stock investment portfolio, safety deposit box, vehicles and more.

Find it.


Freeze their assets

With our asset evidence, your judgment becomes a warrant to arrest your debtor’s assets. The court will immediately issue a writ which will cause the debtor’s financial institution to immediately freeze their cash and liquid assets.

Freeze it.


Collect your money

A frozen bank or investment account gives the judge solid proof to order those assets be paid to you to pay off your judgment. Bank garnishments are fast, you could receive your check in as soon as 8-weeks.

Receive your check in weeks.

We Find Hidden Assets In Days.

Our asset evidence turns your judgment into a warrant to seize assets.

Bank Accounts & Money Markets

EnforcePay can easily locate checking, savings and even money market accounts to deliver to the judge as evidence.

CDs & Safety Deposit Box

Cds and safety deposit boxes can be a treasure cove for locating a debtor’s hidden assets.  Trusts, wills and even cash can be found in safety deposit boxes.

Stocks & Bonds Investment Portfolio

Investment brokerage accounts are often never used to collect on a judgment— not with EnforcePay.

Vehicles, Boats & Aircraft

EnforcePay can track down the exact location of your debtor’s vehicles and engage the Sheriff’s office to lawfully seize them— including aircraft and boats as well.

Inheritance & Cash Settlements

Monies received from an inheritance or a large lawsuit settlement, may be used to pay off a judgment. We can find it.

Real Estate Investments

To enforce your judgment, the court can forcibly auction-off investment property to pay your judgment.  We can find their real estate as well.


EnforcePay freezes 9 out of 10 bank accounts within days…

of accurately discovering the debtor’s financial institution and serving a writ of garnishment.

Assets 87%
Bank Account 78%
Vehicles 67%

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Attorneys Handle Everything

Your Time Is Not Required.

Debtor Phone Calls

You never have to speak with your debtor. Licensed attorneys deal with the phone calls and muddle through the process of working directly with your debtor.

No haggling with your debtor.

Absolutely effortless.

Court Appearances

Most often your time is not required to appear in court, EnforcePay and attorneys handle everything on your behalf:

  • 8am court date?  Lawyers handle it.
  • New evidence?  Lawyers handle it.

Licensed attorneys represent you in court while you pay nothing upfront.

Settlement Negotiations

Once a debtor’s asset has been frozen, settlement talks can become intense.

However not for you, because attorneys’ handle the entire process so you never have to.

You’ll have effortless control, with zero hassles.

Asset Seizure

Attorneys assist in obtaining a court order to seize your debtor ‘s assets.  lawyers coordinate with the sheriff’s office to seize and auction off a debtor’s assets to recover your money.

Their assets become your money.  Licensed attorneys can even mail you a check or wire your funds electronically.



You gain full control with 4-simple-steps:


Pay $0 Upfront.

Put Away Your Wallet.


You may opt to pay zero upfront:

  • Attorney Fees: Pay $0 upfront.
  • Court Costs: Pay $0 upfront.
  • Sheriff Fees: Pay $0 upfront.
  • Private Investigators: Pay $0 upfront.

EnforcePay can advance all upfront costs required to investigate your hidden debtor’s assets, all expenses, including attorneys fees to obtain a court order to lawfully seize your debtor’s assets to pay you off.

EnforcePay can cover the upfront cost to legally garnish their assets.

We Find Their Hidden Assets.

EnforcePay can find your debtor’s assets within days, not months.


If they own it, we can find it with relative ease.

Our investigative team can locate a variety of assets effortlessly.  Below are only a few types of assets that we can track down:

  • Bank Accounts: We can find them within days.
  • Stocks and Bonds Portfolios: We can find them within days.
  • Real Estate Investments: We can find them within days.
  • 401(k) Retirement Accounts (child support): We can find them within days.

Your judgment only needs one thing to make it worth it’s weight in gold: PROOF OF THEIR HIDDEN ASSETS.

Proof of Their Assets Makes Your Judgment Virtually Unstoppable.

EnforcePay’s asset evidence can make you unstoppable.

Freeze Assets.

Freeze their bank accounts and stock investment portfolio in 30 days.


Once our investigative team has effortlessly located your debtor’s assets, EnforcePay can advance all upfront cost to engage an attorney to deliver our asset evidence to the court— within days.

Our independent lawyers will obtain a court authorized writ of garnishment that will cause your debtor’s financial institution to instantly freeze their assets on the spot:

  • Bank Accounts: Frozen within days.
  • Stock Investment Portfolio: Frozen within days.
  • Safety Deposit Boxes: Frozen within days.
  • CDs and Money Market Accounts: Frozen within days.

Your debtor will not be contacted in advance, in most cases, they discover for the first time that their assets have been frozen when they attempt to use their ATM card to withdraw cash.  Suddenly they realize that their financial institution has frozen their accounts because of a writ to pay off your judgment.

EnforcePay Removes Their Excuses:

Once a debtor’s assets have been frozen, they will have very few defenses to explain to the judge exactly why they can no longer pay you.  We make it very difficult for them to tell the judge “I cannot pay”… especially when their stock portfolio is already frozen and the judge can see its exact value.

Receive Your Check Within Weeks.

Frozen Bank Accounts Can Get You Paid Within Weeks.


EnforcePay does not contact your debtor, we make them find us by freezing their assets.

Our independent attorneys don’t bark with threatening letters, they bite with court orders to seize assets.

EnforcePay’s strategy is to force your debtor to payoff your judgment by lawfully seizing their assets.  Once your debtor bank account has been frozen, they have only a matter of days to answer and file a defense to a court authorized writ of bank garnishment.

In court, our attorneys will aggressively argue the fact that we have already frozen their assets, they will be relentless to recover your money.  With solid proof of the exact location of your debtor’s hidden assets already in the hands of the judge, we like our odds.

Once our attorneys cause your debtor’s financial institution to freeze their assets, your chances to collect grow exponentially by well—  over 300%.

Marc C., Garnishment Ninja

Your judgment, backed by actionable asset evidence, becomes virtually unstoppable in court. You can receive your check in as soon as 8-weeks when garnishing their liquid assets, like a bank or investment brokerage account.